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crownGalway Legends & Mystery Tour

Templar LogoDiscover the hidden legends of Galway’s old medieval town, from a Mayor’s blind justice and the be-heading of a King, to Crusading Norman Knights and the strange tale of a missing hand. Learn the dramatic story of the Knights Templar in Ireland, their trial and ultimate fate, and follow the legendary trail of the order inside the city’s medieval quarter.

Square Compass Embroidered Uncover secrets of the medieval stonemason guilds and hear how their ancient knowledge and traditions became an integral part of the secretive brotherhood of freemasons. Gain exclusive access to the Hall of the Red Earl, the city’s earliest preserved archaeological site. Visit the former freemason’s hall in Mill Street and the old Masonic chamber at Church Lane. Explore the ancient Church of St. Nicholas and ponder on its distinctive apprentice pillar.

Legends & Mystery Tour

Tour Information

Start: Outside Jury’s Inn Hotel, Quay Street (Pick-up can be arranged anywhere near the city centre, hotel reception, etc.)
Time: Tour times are flexible and can be pre-arranged
Booking: Tour can be pre-booked by phone or email
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (approx)

Cost (Adult Rates):
1–4 persons €50 !!!!! 9–10 persons €80
5–6 persons €60 !!!!!10–20 persons €100
7–8 persons €70 !!!!!20–30 persons €120
* Groups over 30 must contact us !!!!!
Cost (Student Rates):
1–10 persons €50 !!!!!!10–20 persons €80
20 –30 persons €100 !!!

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